I've been called a Fairy Godmother... Here's Why

I’ve been in the wedding industry for almost 6 years now and I’ve seen a lot. From the bride who cried when I put her in a pink wedding dress because she smelled the presence of her deceased mother to the gentleman who called me in an utter panic because he forgot to buy his fiance’s wedding gown for their weekend nuptials.

When you sell wedding dresses you get involved in all sorts of emotional ups and downs. So it’s my job to sift through the noise to help my brides find the one perfect garment that will make her forget all her troubles and look forward to the fairy tale future she always dreamed of.

In this blog you will get the tips and tools on just how to deal when it comes to looking for your wedding gown. How to stomp your way through all the information out there like the true boss lady you are. We take a look at things like:

  • Designer dresses, do I really need one?

  • Lace versus tulle, wait minute what exactly is tulle?

  • Why do wedding dresses cost so much and is it so bad to just buy my dress online

  • Do I really need to bring my mother in law to my dress fitting?

Stay tuned, here is where you will find answers to all the questions you have but not sure you should ask.

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