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Wedding Dress Hacks - 5 Tips for the big day!

Every bride is looking for perfection on her wedding day, and while some may say that’s an unrealistic expectation, I say its one day and you deserve perfection.

The reality of life however is that perfection is almost always unattainable. So just expect that something WILL go wrong. But just because things go wrong doesn’t mean it has to ruin your wedding day. So I’ve put together a short list of MUST have things to ensure all goes well…well almost all

  • Fabric buttons - Most wedding gowns have some form of button detail, usually on the back bodice or train of the gown.

And as Murphy’s Law would have it a button may go missing in all the organized chaos that maybe going on in your dressing room. So when you go for your fitting at your bridal salon ask your consultant or the seamstress if you can get an extra button or two just in case. Or you can easily buy a few online for just about $10USD. If you rented the gown, just be courteous and bring them back if you didnt use them.

  • Shout or hand soap - I think one of the scariest thing that can happen to a bride on her big day is if the dress gets stained even before she walks down the aisle. So in the event the cutest little flower girl happens to skip into your dressing room with a big red lollipop or her favourite juice box and runs straight into your once in a lifetime white lace beauty DON’T PANIC. Get some tissue from the bathroom, damp it with some water and add a little soap (white or clear). Using small circular motions gently rub out the stain. This works well on most fabric and dries pretty quickly. I would not recommend it for satin or taffeta dresses as it may not dry as quickly without leaving a mark. If you are the type of bride that plans ahead, then get a small bottle of shout and keep it in your emergency kit, it works wonders.

  • Fruit Plate - Every bride needs to eat, not matter what anyone tells you, you MUST eat. Now a 5 course meal is not recommended but a light fruit platter will help to keep you satisfied before the dinner without making your feel bloated.

  • Scrunchies - (is that how you spell them) Anyway, I remember how ridiculously hot I got on my wedding day at the reception and I got married in March. All I wanted to do was to get of of this hair off my neck. One of my guests saw how much I was struggling always lifting my hair from my neck and she brought over a scruchie. BEST THING EVER! Get a few at the pharmacy maybe and have fun with it. Add some crystals or lace, make it cute and bridal. Trust me you’ll thank me.

  • Shapewear (Spanx) - I know I mentioned this in my last post, but I can’t say it enough...Spanx, Spanx, Spanx. Your wedding day is a long day and sweaty thighs rubbing together are not only not cute, but definitely NOT comfortable. The friction caused by your perspiration combined with your thighs pressed up against each other for 8 hours is a recipe for disaster.

Now I cannot guarantee you a stress free day of perfection, but with these few hacks you will definitely be prepared.

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