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Pumps and Panties, Don’t Leave Home Without Them

One might think the title of this post seems a bit unnecessary, but you would be surprised how many women forget the essentials when they come to try wedding dresses. Okay so maybe not the panties, most women do me the courtesy of wearing them.

But undergarments in general.... Let’s start with the bra. Most wedding dresses are strapless and if they are not strapless they have some sheer element to them, so your regular everyday bra just won’t cut it. And if you want to have a close to a wedding day fit when you are trying wedding dresses, then you definitely will need to wear a strapless bra. And if you are a size C cup and over I beg and plead with you not to try those silicone or chicken cutlet bras as I call them. They may be able to hold up for a quiet candle light dinner with hubby, but trust me eight hours in that thing and the sweaty under boob will have you crying out for bloody murder. Instead look for a good quality, minimally padded strapless bra with a plunge.

Also ladies a good pair of shapewear aka Spanx is a ladies best friend.

Not only will it help to keep all the little lumps and bumps under control but the silkiness of the spandex will help me to get an otherwise too small wedding dress over that full bodied booty. Bottom line (no pun intended), wear the right panties.

As for the pumps, nothing frustrates me more than a bride that refuses to wear heels on her big day (well a few things frustrate me more, like when my husband insists on chewing the chicken grizzle right beside me) but I digress.

When a lady wears a pair of heels everything about her presence changes. She stands taller, her hips sway side to side, her strides are longer, everything about her speaks femininity. Needless to say I’m a big fan. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the desire to wear flats or a really cute pair of sandals after all it’s a long day and you want to be comfy. But I say we find a happy middle ground, a compromise of sorts. Let’s ditch the 6 inch stilettos for a modest 3-4 inch heel for the ceremony and let change into those sweet comfy sandals for the reception so you can dance the night away without the stress of sore feet and calluses on your honeymoon.

Really and truly, every decision you make when it comes to your big day is extremely personal, so what I say isn’t necessarily gospel. However, I will say that I’ve seen a lot of brides in my time and I’ve seen the ups and the downs, the literal ups and downs and I only want the best for my brides, so I will never ever steer you wrong.

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