November 23, 2017

|Boss Lady Of Bliss:

One of the biggest celebrity and sport icon’s wedding took place over the weekend. Of course, I am speaking of none other than the incomparable, Serena Williams (Photo Cred: People Magazine). I have been a huge fan of the Williams sisters from when they first hit the courts in their cornrows with the beads at the ends. These ladies gave me life, they helped to reinforce that with hard wor...

November 16, 2017

|Boss Lady Of Bliss:

Grandma used to tell you, if it looks too good to be true...well you know the rest. This philosophy doesn't only apply to the hot, tall, sexy, rich guy that’s giving you the eye at the bar, it applies to wedding dresses as well.

Every bride wants that perfect dress for her day, but lets face it wedding dresses can be very pricey. So I get it, I completely understand. When you see your desi...

November 7, 2017

|Boss Lady Of Bliss:

Every bride is looking for perfection on her wedding day, and while some may say that’s an unrealistic expectation, I say its one day and you deserve perfection.  

The reality of life however is that perfection is almost always unattainable.  So just expect that something WILL go wrong.  But just because things go wrong doesn’t mean it has to ruin your wedding day.  So I’ve put together a...

October 26, 2017

|Boss Lady Of Bliss:

One might think the title of this post seems a bit unnecessary, but you would be surprised how many women forget the essentials when they come to try wedding dresses.  Okay so maybe not the panties, most women do me the courtesy of wearing them.  

But undergarments in general.... Let’s start with the bra.  Most wedding dresses are strapless and if they are not strapless they have some...